Kunstraum Nestroyhof

color live



Back on view from 8th June!




Duration: 8th until 25th June 2020



Group exhibition of the art initiative EMISSARY

19th until 22nd February 2020


Press photo exhibition on Hong Kong
Anti-Extradition Law Movement

23rd Janurary until 4th February 2020

menschlich – tierisch – malerisch

The exhibition menschlich – tierisch – malerisch provides an overview of the work of the painter, who was born in Schärding, Upper Austria, from her beginnings to her latest works.

14th November 2019 – 16th January 2020

Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber, Rumble Fish (Modell), Installation 2019

Rumble Fish

The Kunstraum Nestroyhof presents the artists Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber within the framework of its series raumbezogen, who get involved with the spatial conditions of the art space and deals with them artistically.

13th June – 3rd October 2019

An exhibition as part of the festival FOTO WIEN 2019


7 March – 9 May 2019

Fritz Steinkellner, © Jutta M. Pichler

Was kommt

15 November 2018 – 31 January 2019

Due to great interest, the spacial intervention 10 trials and no more reels will be on view at the Kunstraum until 3rd November.

The crab cutter – the core piece of the intervention – will be dissembled
on 3rd November at 8 p.m.
as part of a performance.

Resonanz, 2018 Raumbezogene Installation für den Kunstraum Nestroyhof


The Kunstraum Nestroyhof presents Stefan Wischnewski, another artist within its framework of its series raumbezogen, who gets involved with the spatial conditions of the art space and deals with them artistically.

14 June – 4 October 2018

reading of web-novel UNDO 

12 September 2018 at 7.30 p.m.